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TRAIN-EV Members at European Researchers’ Night 2019

European Researchers’ Nights (ERN) are public events dedicated to bringing researchers closer to the public. They showcase the diversity of research and highlight the impact of research on our daily lives. The aim is also to motivate young people to embark on research careers. The events promote how researchers contribute to our society by displaying their work in an interactive and engaging forum. This year, events took place in cities across the continent on 27 Sep.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) hosted an event named PROBE: Research uncovered at Trinity College Dublin on 27 Sep 2019. ESR13 Sarai Martinez (TCD) and ESR14 Mariadelva Catalano (TCD) shared their experience and presented their work to the public, with a poster entitled “Extracellular Vesicles (EVs): Contributors to EV-erything in Health and Disease”. TRAIN-EV printed materials (pens and leaflets) were distributed to participants, to increase TRAIN-EVs visibility. Prof. Lorraine O’Driscoll (TCD) also delivered a talk, on the main PROBE stage (Front square, TCD) on EVs and TRAIN-EV.

TRAIN-EV members ESR15 Federico Cocozza (IC) and ESR16 Ester Piovesana (IC) took part in the event at Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (ESPGG), Paris, where they shared their research, including a “speed searching” event.

TRAIN-EV members ESR1 Danilo Mladenović (HBM, on secondment at SE) and ESR5 Alicia Galinsoga (SE) engaged with the public, at Semmelweis University (SE), Budapest to discuss and present their research projects.

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