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Project Manager

Dr Özlem Aslan – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 

Dr Özlem Aslan is the Project Manager for TRAIN-EV at Trinity College Dublin. After completing her PhD in Genetics & Genomics at University College Dublin (2011), she undertook a postdoctoral research position at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Medical Oncology Group working on targeted therapies & functional proteomics of somatic mutations in endometrial and breast cancer. During this post, she collaborated with several institutions including MD Anderson Cancer Center, US where she had an opportunity as a Visiting Scientist to learn Sequenom MassArray mutation detection system. In 2016, she undertook a Research Fellow position at the Centre for Systems Medicine Group at Royal College of Surgeons working on a novel system modelling approach for predicting the best treatment option for individual metastatic melanoma-skin cancer patients. In her current role, Dr Aslan is responsible for management of the overall collaboration and communication within the TRAIN-EV consortium, and assists in organising and facilitating the training programme and secondments for the 15 early stage researchers.

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