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ESR8 – Elena Grueso 

Project 8: Tetraspanins role in regulation of EV composition by tumour cells & metastases

Host Institution: University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany


I was born in Tomelloso (Spain) a city in the middle of Spain, in a land better known as “La Mancha” famous for its wine, cheese and the worldwide crazy character “El Quixote”.  Although I had a promising future as a pastry chef,-my family owns a well-known bakery in my town 😉 -, I have been always been interested in molecular biology. To do so, I moved to Valencia to study a Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences. During this time, I was granted an Erasmus scholarship and spent one year in Oslo (Norway). This was one of the best experiences of my life, not only because I learned how to survive at -20 degrees, but also because it showed me the passion for science.

 Why are you doing a PhD? 

To start a PhD is a challenge that I know it will be hard but also will be so much fun. I got the opportunity to be innovative and creative in the workplace, as well as be involved in one of the topics that for sure will revolutionize biology.

 Other interests? 

In my free time, I enjoy very much the company of my friends and family, and even more if there is food involved. I also enjoy so much cooking, although I am not a chef, and I play the guitar, only if I could sing at the same time because I like singing even more.

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