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Project 6: Further develop methods for characterising EVs utilising advanced technologies and assess patho/physiological relevance of EVs and their potential to be exploited as biomarkers

Host Institution: Semmelweis University, Hungary


My Name is Delaram Khamari and I come from France to Budapest to do my PhD. In France I got my bachelor’s degree in Biology, specialising in biochemistry at Lille University, during which I took an internship at UMR 8576 on the role of proteoglycan. After that, I was motivated to do a voluntary internship at Maastricht University in a neuroscience laboratory. I then completed the first year of my master degree in Biotechnology, specialising in structural biology and the second year in Health Biology at Lille 2 university. My two years of master’s degree took place at the Pasteur Institute of Lille and I studied the role of gdT cells during an early stage of HFD-induced obesity. I expanded my knowledge in my field by doing another Master in biotechnology to carry out a new protocol for a diagnostic kit against ovarian cancer. I’m pleased to start my PhD in this Marie-Curie program and to work with Prof Edit Buzas.

Why are you doing a PhD?

I’ve always been fascinated by science and the possibility to discover something unknown and I also love learning and transmitting my knowledge. Finding a great PhD opportunity is the best way to make my dreams come true.

Other interests? 

I always loved sports since I was very young. I was a lifeguard and now I’m still swimming and doing other sports like basketball or badminton. I also love art since my childhood and I like doing paintings.

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