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ESR16 – Ester Piovesana


Project 16: Uptake of Extracellular Vesicles: Cellular and Molecular characterisation

Host Institution: Institut Curie, France


My name is Ester Piovesana, I am a Swiss-Italian girl born in Lugano (Switzerland) the 29th May 1991. I studied in Italy, first in Milano where I obtained a bachelor degree in medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology. Afterwards, I decided to do a master in the field of neuroscience in Trieste (Italy), during the master I had the chance to join the lab of Martin Schwab in Zurich (Switzerland); there I was investigating the roles of Nogo-A in axon regeneration and repair after CNS trauma. Now I am really excited to change completely topic and to learn more about EVs!

Why are you doing a PhD?

I consider the PhD as a chance to growth on the scientific and personal level. I am doing a PhD because I want to test what I previously studied but more importantly to learn new things. In addition, I am really exited at the idea to run my on project and to be responsible for it. The possibility to continue studying is a big privilege and for this I will try to do my best!

Other interests?

I like doing sports like skiing in winter (my Swiss side), swimming and hiking in the mountains (very Swiss too). I like traveling around the world and meeting new people. I love painting and listening music.

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