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ESR14 – Mariadelva Catalano

Project 14: Investigating the relevance of EVs in prostate cancer

Host Institution: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


I grew up in a tiny little village up on the Italian mountains. Although I loved my hometown, I decided to leave for my studies. I obtained my BSc degree in Biotechnology, from the University of L’Aquila, in 2015. After a little sabbatical time spent in Ireland working as an au-pair to improve my English, I moved back to Italy, to Padova, where I attended an international course of Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies which was completely thought in English with some professors coming from all over Europe. There, I specialized in drug delivery system and I completed my master thesis project in collaboration with the University of Helsinki. During my MSc, I acquired some knowledge of the Extracellular Vesicles field, especially on those deriving from prostate cancer (since the drug delivery system designed during the project based on engineered exosomes). I completed my master degree in Padova, in December 2017 and I finally ended up in Ireland again, as a PhD student at the Trinity College to deepen my knowledge on the EVs field.

Why are you doing a PhD?

Because in the research field you can never stop learning and the best way to learn is inside a lab, between assays, protocols, and new techniques.

Other interests?

In life, work is not everything and for this reason, I have many passions including reading, cooking, camping and the newest canoeing.

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