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ESR12 – Quentin Roux

Project 12: EV membrane camouflaged nanoparticles as biomimetic drug delivery platform

Host Institution: Ghent University, Belgium


I grew up on the west side of France, near the city of Angers where I obtained my BSc in molecular and cellular biology. Particularly interested in the interactions between cancer cells and the tumour microenvironment, I joined the Grenoble Alpes University for the master degree. After studying angiogenesis mechanisms during my first research experience in Dr Sabine Bailly’s team at the CEA Grenoble, I joined for the master thesis the team of Dr Julie Gavard at the CNRS, Nantes. The project I developed aimed to study direct cell-cell interactions between cancer stem cells and endothelial cells in brain tumours, which may operate as a mechanical anchor for glioblastoma stem cells to the tumour vasculature. I graduated in July 2017 from the international MSc “Physiology, Epigenetics, Development, Cell Differentiation” and joined Prof An Hendrix, LECR Ghent, and the TRAIN-EV program to study extracellular vesicles-mediated communication in the tumour microenvironment.

Why are you doing a PhD?

Doing a PhD within an international program as TRAIN-EV for me is a unique opportunity to benefit from a multidisciplinary expertise that will allow me to work both with academic research structures and industry. I am looking forward to sharing the results obtained within the TRAIN-EV consortium and to participate in a better understanding of extracellular vesicles biology and functions in cell-cell communication.

Other interests?

Besides my strong interest in sciences and cancer biology, I am a fan of music and collect vinyl records.

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