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ESR11- Joaquín Jurado

Project 11: Development of bioinformatics tools to explore and compare cellular and EV-contents

Host InstitutionBioinf2Bio, Portugal (PhD enrollment: University of Porto)


I was born in Seville, an insanely good-looking city from every angle, located in the south of Spain. I promptly developed interest in Molecular Biology so I studied Biochemistry at the University of Seville. Then, I completed my master degree in Molecular Biology applied to Biotechnology Enterprises at the University of Granada and I had the opportunity to do my master thesis about Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease at Queen’s University Belfast (UK). These years I have learnt a lot about bioinformatics tools and how to apply them to analyse big data that comes from high-throughput techniques in the lab. Now, I think it is the time to use them to investigate what is hidden inside EVs.

         Other interests?

I have been competing in tennis tournaments since I was a child and I am used to playing football with friends as an amateur level. Apart from sports, I love playing the guitar and enjoying bar terraces in Seville. 

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