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ESR11 – Etienne Rolland

Project 11: Development of bioinformatics tools to explore and compare cellular and EV-contents

Host Institution: Bioinf2Bio, Portugal (PhD enrollment: University of Porto)


Born and raised in Brest, in the west part of France, I completed the first two years of my bachelor degree in a distance learning programme at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, in Paris. Following my bachelor’s degree, I received my master’s degree in RNA genetics, therefore I can tell that my background is mainly in biology. I have also experience in bioinformatics, from courses, MOOCs (massive open online course) and two internships: one in the CNRS (Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique, France) on creating galaxy tools and the other as a part of my master’s degree for which I moved to Rostock, in Germany, for 6 months. I think my background in biology will ease my communication with the experimental biologists and will help me to address their needs in bioinformatics.

Why are you doing a PhD?

I got some job offer, but I wanted to keep learning and going deeper with a doctoral training. I also enjoy the academic and research environment and wanted to remain close to it. Also, being a part of a Marie Curie programme seems the natural extension to my career, as I consider that you have to move in different research environment when you are a young scientist, and for more trivial reasons, like have been student in the Pierre and Marie Curie University, or have done distant learning like Marie Curie did.

Other interests?

I really enjoy swimming in cold water which I think requires self-discipline to enter in the water and it is really efficient for burning energy (thanks to the thermal-conduction of the water and the release of uncoupling hormones). I also like walking and reading novels like A Song of Ice And Fire by GRR Martin, mangas like A Distant Neighborhood/My Father’s Journal by Jiro Taniguchi, or on various subjects like impressionism or nonverbal communication (or beer making).


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